Hyperline Cabling Systems Warranties & Certifications

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Hyperline SCS offers a Certification on any tested Permanent Link or Channel Link drop’s that are comprised of Hyperline approved components: cabling, connectors, patch panels, work area outlets and patch cords.
Hyperline provides a 25-Year System Certification for:

  • proper components performance
  • cabling, patch panels, connectors and associated components for installation performance
  • proper performance of present and future applications compatible with the installed cabling system

Hyperline warrants quality of design, installation and performance of its systems, ensures reliability and the lowest expenditures on the cabling system maintenance for the entire certification period. This warranty excludes designs, installations or components not created or used in accordance with all Hyperline guidelines, policies and procedures.

Other types of Hyperline Warranties:
All cabling – 15 years
All SCS components, racks and cabinets – 5 years
Tools and installation accessories – 1 year*
(*) This warranty is limited only to instances of manufacturing defects.

Company Certification

For a company to obtain Hyperline Certified Installation status it is necessary to take the following steps:

  • Apply to Hyperline or its official representative and complete the required forms.
  • Train at least two specialists at specified Hyperline Cabling Systems authorized courses.
  • After successfully passing exams by specialists, obtain Hyperline Registered Installer Certificates.
  • Prior certifications from other major manufacturers “may” be considered as training credits – subject to approval
  • Apply to Hyperline for obtaining Company Certified Installation status and submit the agreement documentation
  • Obtain your certificate as a Hyperline Certified Installation company.

Certificate is valid for a period of two years.

Hyperline SCS

Hyperline offers a wide range of structured cabling systems products which meet international standards. Because these cabling system components are manufactured by Hyperline itself, choosing Hyperline offers many advantages.

Hyperline SCS includes: • copper and fiber optic cables • cross panels • patch cords • modular outlets • work area outlets • installation accessories• patch panels• racks • cabinets and tools.

In choosing Hyperline SCS, our Customers receive an exceptional value and high-quality product for their investment. Hyperline SCS strives always to ensure the proper and enduring performance of our LAN equipment for many years to come; making Hyperline goods a solid investment and wise economic decision in both now and far into the future. Hyperline Cabling Systems are the perfect solution for companies that require a highly-reliable system supported by the warranty of a world-known manufacturer.

The warranty may cover any tested permanent line and channel composed of components approved by Hyperline Cabling Systems Ltd. (including cables, connectors, patch panels, distributor assemblies, patch cord etc.)

Complete list of items under warranty can be found at www.hyperline.com

Hyperline SCS is constantly updating its warranty policies and procedures to better accommodate the needs of our customers. If you are unsure about the warranty which applies to your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department directly using info@hyperline.com or phone directly 866 864-9737.

Warranty obligations

Hyperline warrants that Permanent links and Channels characteristics shall meet ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C, ISO/IEC 11801 -2008, Ed 2.1 + Amd. 1 + Amd. 2 standard requirements, and shall correspond the prescribed limits of attenuation in line at testing for a period of 25 years.

Under the warranty, Hyperline, at its discretion, may either replace or repair the defective components.

Hyperline appoints its authorized companies – Certified Installers (CI) – to conduct warranty repairs.

Hyperline SCS warranty does not cover defects where the structured cabling system has been subjected to accidental damage, intentional acts or neglect by persons, acts of God, or any other events outside of Hyperline’s control, as well as damages caused by failure of computer networks or applications.

Warranty terms

Conditions for Application of Warranty

For a Customer warranty to be valid the following conditions must be met:

  • Cabling system components of Hyperline manufacture implemented into the Customer’s system;
  • Cabling system developed by a certified designer;
  • Cabling system installed by a Hyperline Cabling Systems certified installer;
  • Preliminary registration of the system approved;
  • Cabling system registered and supplemented with registration documentation;
  • Floor plan with indication of cable passages, work areas, marking of outlets and crosses submitted;
  • Cabling system structure diagram submitted;
  • Location of cabinets and crosses provided in drawings;
  • Test results in Fluke LinkWare Database, IDEAL DataCENTER, or other approved cable certifier data formats must be submitted.

Cabling System Audit

Prior to approval of a warranty, Hyperline reserves the right to audit the Customer’s cabling system, and in case of violation of the design or installation standards to refuse a certified installer in warranty approval.

In case of a warranty event, Hyperline has the right to audit the Customer’s cabling system and withdraw certain components and cables for tests to identify the causes of defects.

Certificate of Warranty

Certificate of Warranty shall be issued after examination of the package of required documents submitted by a Certified Installer company.

The Certified Installer company shall be provided with two copies of the registered Certificate of Warranty.

  • one copy to be kept in the Certified Installer’s company archive;
  • the second one to be handed over to the Owner of a structured cabling system.

The structured cabling system Owner’s name shall be indicated in the Certificate of Warranty as a Customer name.

The installed cabling system is covered by Hyperline in full for a Customer that is named in the Certificate of Warranty.