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Hyperline is a North American manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of products available for Structured Cabling Systems; copper cable, LAN cable, telephone cable, telecommunication cable, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, interface cable, industrial cable, hybrid cable and much more.  Hyperline does not sell direct but has multiple partners in the form of distributors located all across North America. Our team of talented professionals will work diligently and stand behind our product through every stage. Whether it is providing product knowledge, warranty support, or installation training; we’re here to satisfy your needs.  Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2015, we underwent a rebranding campaign. As part of this campaign we completely revamped our website, product packaging, company logo, and much more. Striving to remain up to date with industry standards and ahead of the curve with revolutionary products we are always growing and seeing what we can accomplish to achieve greatness.

Our Team

Gregory Shields

Chief Executive Officer

Gregory (Greg) Shields comes from a project management background with over 25 years working in Europe and the Eastern United States. Upon returning home almost nine years ago, Greg has successfully re-organized Hyperline as a company regarding its distribution model, product offering(s) and re-branding. This all is attributed to the team at Hyperline, which none of this would have been achievable without their perseverance and support for Greg’s vision.

Hyperline Systems’ success stems from its employees; traditional values in assuring the customer will receive the service they’ve paid for. In the last five years Hyperline has taken a quantum leap in establishing it’s footprint in the United States, Canada and the Middle East. Fortified in its Full Solution Approach; (Copper/(un) Shielded cabling and components, Décor, Audio/Video, Coax and Fiber Solutions, our customer base grows with our product offering in each market allowing for assured confidence in the quality they purchase.

Behind all of our product solutions exists a tightly knit team of professionals with whom Greg takes great pride in. His dream is that all can relish in this journey of success in the coming years.

A Family owned business run by the talents and professionalism of its employees and strengthen by its customer-base input.

Raj Rana

Director, Middle East Sales

Raj is responsible for developing new business relations for the Middle East regions and often plays an inter-disciplinary role. Raj bridges the gap between teams of different expertise, most notably between engineering and commercially-oriented teams. Creating a brand preference with end-users, consultants, system integrators and distribution partners. Raj worked as Senior Product Manager and brings new products to the Middle East market by analyzing proposed product requirements. He determines product pricing by utilizing market research data; reviewing production and sales costs; product market share by working with distributors to develop product sales strategies. Raj also oversees daily order management processes and work closely with finance and supply chain departments.

Raj liaises with marketing team to promote product and support with necessary product knowledge and technical expertise.

Roland Fuchser

Director of Sales – Canada

Roland is energetic, driven and ambitious to work with our clients and our team at Hyperline. Originally selling quality tools and construction fastening systems in Switzerland, Roland transitioned to Canada in 2010 and worked in field sales for five years. During his total of 8-1/2 years at Hilti in Switzerland and Canada, Roland won two awards for outstanding performances in 2009 and 2012.

In 2015, Roland decided to take on a new career path in the Wire & Cable industry in manufacturing with Southwire where he contributed to the success of major electrical distributors and contractors in Ontario.

Roland joined our team in February 2018 and his expertise will be valuable to make a further, long-lasting impact for Hyperline in Canada in the years to come.

As a proud family man, Roland enjoys his leisure time with his wife and their two children. Roland enjoys reading, eagerly watching his sons hockey games and taking Photographs. Roland is proficient in German and English and he speaks a bit French and Hungarian.

Don Lagrave

National Sales Director, US

Don comes to Hyperline with over 25 years of structured cabling experience. Versed in the telephony, data communications and security industries, Don brings years of experience working as either a channel manager, national sales manager or consultant for manufacturing organizations. Along with North America, he has managed sales teams throughout Mexico and Central America, expanding distribution throughout these regions. When not involved with structured cabling projects, he enjoys outdoor sports such as surfing, skiing, golfing and fly fishing.

Sabrina Graham

Hyperline Northeast Manager

Sabrina is integrally involved in the daily operation of Hyperline’s US operations. She routinely reports to the CEO and works with all appropriate departments to execute the plan and directives set forth. She is always available to assist on any matter small or large.

Melissa Sproule

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Melissa Sproule uses her passion for digital design and analytics to drive marketing strategy and social engagement. She has over ten years of experience in marketing and design, overseeing brand identity, social media and content strategy, email, digital campaigns, partnerships, influencers, and events.

Melissa has built a client portfolio with some of the finest technology companies and Ottawa based organizations. With a passion for technology, corporate marketing, and design, she stays current with industry trends and is always ready for a new challenge and the opportunity to lead new initiatives.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Melissa is an avid skier, enjoys travelling, cooking, tennis and attending networking events. She often finds herself spotting out the newest restaurant or style blog and has a great eye for the next new trend.

Janine Sullivan

Senior Purchasing Manager

Since joining Hyperline in 2012, Jan held the position of Inside Sales Manager before recently transitioning to the position of Senior Purchasing Manager.  In this new role, Jan reports directly to the COO.  With her new responsibilities, Jan works closely with the other Operations team members on forecasting schedules and inventory levels for our 5 North American warehouses.  As Senior Purchasing Manager, her responsibilities include issuing all purchase orders for goods and services for the corporation, as well as, the logistics and deliverables of these orders.  She also works closely with our supply chain vendors to develop good business relationships so that we can provide a best in case products and services to our customers.