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Shielded Twisted Pair Cable (FTP), 4 pairs, Solid, Outdoor, Category 6

Part no. FUTP4-C6-SOLID-CMX-XX-305

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F/UTP, 23AWG solid bare copper, CAT.6, CMX outdoor

With cross filler

Overall metal foil screen with drain wire

Sunlight resistant

Temperature & voltage rating 75°C / 300V
Spark test 2.5 KV DC
AC leakage current through overall jacket ≤ 10mA (1.5KV AC)
Cable cold bend -20°C for 4 hr
Conductor DC resistance ≤ 9.38 Ω/100m
Resistance unbalance ≤ 5%
Dielectric strength 1.5 KV ac for 2 s
Insulation resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ•m


Mutual capacitance ≤ 5.6 nF/100m
Capacitance unbalance pair-to-ground ≤ 330 pF/100m

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 (2009)

ISO/IEC 11801 (Edition 2.2)

IEC 61156-5 (Edition 2.0)


High performance of transmission.

High quality of safety property.

Sweep frequency up to 400 MHz.

For outdoor use

Transmission of digital and analogue for data, video and audio applications.

Overall metal shielded providing good protection from EMI noise.

IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-TX and legacy speeds.

CDDI / ATM / Token Ring

IEEE 802.3af (PoE) / IEEE 802.3at (PoE+)

Conductor Material 23AWG solid bare copper
Insulation Material Polyolefin (PO)
Color code & diameter Blue & white/blue Stripe 1.08 ± 0.02 mm
Orange & white/orange stripe 1.05 ± 0.02 mm
Green & white/green stripe 1.08 ± 0.02 mm
Brown & white/brown stripe 1.05 ± 0.02 mm
Twisted Description Left hand direction
Filler Material Polyolefin (PO)
Assembly Description Left hand direction
Shield Material Mylar tape
Drain wire Material 24AWG solid tinned copper
Shield Material Al Mylar tape
Description 100 % coverage and mylar side facing out
Jacket Material Polyethylene (PE)
Diameter 7.20 ± 0.2 mm
Thickness 0.50 ± 0.05 mm
Color Per customer`s request
Marking Hyperline FUTP4-C6-SOLID-CMX-?? — E303448 F/UTP 4PR 23AWG C(UL)US CMX OUTDOOR —ETL VERIFIED TO ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 CAT 6 400MHz WW/YY XXXXFT-ANote 1: WW/YY is date code.
Temperature range Storage & shipping -20°C to 75°C
Installation 0°C to 60°C
Operation -20°C to 60°C
Minimum bending radius ≥ 4 times of overall diameter
Maximum pulling tension ≤ 110 N