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19″ Category 6 High Density Patch Panel

Part no. PPHD-19-48-8P8C-C6-110D

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19″ standard size for mounting in racks and cabinets
This patch panel is designed for 22-26 AWG solid conductors
Height: 1U (24 ports), 2U ( 48 ports)
Vertical termination

Housing: steel sheet of 1.6 mm
Screened cover: sheet steel, 1.0 mm
Spring contacts: phosphor bronze with 1.27 micron coating (50μ “) gold over 2.54 micron nickel-plating
IDC-contacts: phosphor bronze with 2.54 micron plated tin alloy

According to UL 1863
Insulation Resistance : 500 mega ohms (minimum)
Contact Resistance : 20 mega ohms
Current Rating : 1.5 Amps (maximum)
DC Resistance: 0.1 ohms (maximum)
Dielectric withstand voltage: 1000 Volts AC RMS, 60Hz/1 minute

Modern design and mounting simplicity
Color marking of conductors according to T568B and T568A
Color and numeral marking of IDC modules on the rear side of the panel
Numeral marking of ports on the front side of the panel
Space for additional Labelling on the front
Hyperline patch cord usage provides the best connection
110 type punch down tool is used for cable termination
Removable shield cover
Ground bus
Built-in rear cable manager