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Hyperline is a North American manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of products available for Structured Cabling Systems; copper cable, LAN cable, telephone cable, telecommunication cable, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, interface cable, industrial cable, hybrid cable and much more.  Hyperline does not sell direct but has multiple partners in the form of distributors located all across North America. Our team of talented professionals will work diligently and stand behind our product through every stage. Whether it is providing product knowledge, warranty support, or installation training; we’re here to satisfy your needs.  Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2015, we underwent a rebranding campaign. As part of this campaign we completely revamped our website, product packaging, company logo, and much more. Striving to remain up to date with industry standards and ahead of the curve with revolutionary products we are always growing and seeing what we can accomplish to achieve greatness.

Our Team

Gregory Shields

Chief Executive Officer

Gregory (Greg) Shields comes from a project management background with over 25 years working in Europe and the Eastern United States. Upon returning home almost five years ago, Greg has successfully re-organized Hyperline as a company regarding its distribution model, product offering(s) and re-branding. This all is attributed to the team at Hyperline, which none of this would have been achievable without their perseverance and support for Greg’s vision.

Hyperline Systems’ success stems from its employees; traditional values in assuring the customer will receive the service they’ve paid for. In the last five years Hyperline has taken a quantum leap in establishing it’s footprint in the United States, Canada and the Middle East. Fortified in its Full Solution Approach; (Copper/(un) Shielded cabling and components, Décor, Audio/Video, Coax and Fiber Solutions, our customer base grows with our product offering in each market allowing for assured confidence in the quality they purchase.

Behind all of our product solutions exists a tightly knit team of professionals with whom Greg takes great pride in. His dream is that all can relish in this journey of success in the coming years.

A Family owned business run by the talents and professionalism of its employees and strengthen by its customer-base input.

Gregory O'Reilly

Chief Business Development Officer

Gregory O’Reilly is our Chief Business Development Officer. With 30+ years of experience within the Structured Cabling Industry, Greg brings a tremendous amount of leadership and vision to his position here at Hyperline. He understands and recognises the importance of technology on a global scale, and specifically, of staying ahead of the curve. Greg strongly believes that “ensuring the successful growth of our many distributors will directly affect the successful growth of Hyperline as a company”. This belief is what drives his demand for total customer satisfaction from both himself and from his team.

David Robertson

Chief Operations Officer

David Robertson brings over 25+ years as a Supply Chain & Purchasing Professional. He is currently serving as Hyperline’s Chief Operations Officer. A successful and proven negotiator; David understands and recognizes the importance of deadlines and budgetary constraints. Engaged as a leader and team player, he encourages teamwork throughout the supply chain internally as well as externally to ensure total customer satisfaction.

From a professional standpoint, David continuously coordinate’s not only internal organizational requirements but also externally the capabilities of suppliers from both a technical and capacity point of view and the expectations of customer requirements for final product.

David brings an enthusiasm and positive attitude to any situation. He is committed to the team, the suppliers and the customer taking into consideration all the goals and objectives. He is extremely proud of the organization, its accomplishments and the product we offer to our end users.

Not afraid to laugh at himself, a proud father of 4, he has recently undertaken the humbling task of learning to skate in order to be a better hockey coach. Moonlighting as chauffeur in the evenings and weekends David enjoys participating in all his children’s extra-curricular activities.

Raj Rana

Senior Product Manager

Raj is responsible for Product Development & Management and often plays an inter-disciplinary role. Raj bridges the gap between teams of different expertise, most notably between engineering and commercially-oriented teams. Raj brings new products to market by analyzing proposed product requirements and product development programs.

He determines product pricing by utilizing market research data; reviewing production and sales costs; anticipating volume; obtains product market share by working with sales director to develop product sales strategies

Raj liaises with marketing and sales team to promote product and support with necessary product knowledge and technical expertise.

He is also involved in the planning, coordination, and control of manufacturing and quality control processes.

 Jan Sullivan

Senior Inside Sales Manager

Jan is an essential member of the Hyperline team. As the Senior Manager of Inside Sales, Jan oversees daily order management processes while also playing an integral role within the purchasing department . She works closely with all department leaders and provides input regarding execution of corporate plans and directives.

Sabrina Graham

Hyperline Northeast Manager

Sabrina is integrally involved in the daily operation of Hyperline’s US operations. She routinely reports to the CEO and works with all appropriate departments to execute the plan and directives set forth. She is always available to assist on any matter small or large.

Patrick Theriault

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Patrick ensures that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies, and values are developed in order to meet and exceed the goals of the Marketing plan. He is responsible for Hyperline’s promotional initiatives and long-term marketing strategies. Patrick works very closely with the product development team as he is responsible for populating all new product packaging along with maintaining/updating the company website.